Whitehead 03.09.2019
 Whitehead Article

Revision of Whitehead Composition

Alfred North Whitehead's essay entitled, Educational institutions and Their Capabilities, expresses his beliefs on what he feels a university can do for individuals. Going to a university or a college is more common now than it has been in the past. Today, continuing education following high school can be described as norm which provides students with many new options. Whitehead feels just that, and agrees which it gives learners an opportunity to grow, learn and become whatever that they aspire to be.

Whitehead claims, " A university can be imaginative another problem is that it can often be nothing. ” Through this quote, Whitehead tries to clarify that learners in colleges need to view the bigger picture. Coming to a school is certainly not solely about book learning, it also educates a student tips on how to grow up, learn responsibilities, and finally aid all of them in their trip as they enter in adulthood. It can help students connect the information that they learned in high school with new data that they are have learned in their current studies. One more quote via Whitehead that stood out when I was reading was when he stated, " …connection between expertise and the zest of life…” This declaration shows how universities really do connect everything together and guide you although also providing an environment that permits students to explore who they are because they realize the entire potential of their imagination. Coming to a university or college can be overpowering and intimidating at first, when a student is open minded about learning, innovative about their fresh environment it can open brand new doors and will give the college student a vast array of experiences and confidence. I do think Whiteheads use of language and quotes are accustomed to express how strongly this individual believes the experience of being able to attend a college or perhaps university is usually and how it can shape a student's existence. His usage of language is powerful and strong and I think conveys his message effectively. After studying Whitehead's part for a second time, I actually still...

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