Volvo Case Study

Volvo Case Study 28.08.2019
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Volvo Case Study

Cornelia M. Murphy

CIS five-hundred

Strayer University

Instructor Dr . Raied Salman

January twenty seven, 2013

Project 1: Volvo Case Study

Assess how Volvo Car Company integrated the Cloud Infrastructure into its Systems

Volvo serves a worldwide clientele; to provide the very best performance obtainable; it wanted an internationally distributed infrastructure that would place storage features and pc processing within fingertip reach, regardless of a customer's location. Also, their very own efforts generated reducing technology costs, achieving critical levels of scalability, releasing creativity although eliminating technology limitations (Microsoft Case Research, 2011). Volvo was triumphal in their attempt to interface the cloud infrastructure into its systems by developing vehicles which have been, practically, well-connected, data-rich technology environments. Having a lion's talk about of laptop processing devices and sensors embedded over the vehicle, from your brakes towards the central securing system, info is captured within the confines of vehicle itself plus for indication via the cloud infrastructure straight to the manufacturer. Most of all, it is exploited to strengthen client associations and improve manufacturing operations (Global Cleverness for the CIO, 2011. ) Explain how Volvo Car Corporation transforms Info into Know-how

Volvo converted this data in knowledge simply by capturing info streams within their Data Warehouse, while simultaneously integrating and dissecting these to generate different types of valuable information. Furthermore, they may have the capacity to get early prognostic data on problems; for instance , on manufacturing flaws that contain not took place. The affirmation behind this kind of data is usually to give Volvo insight through the exploitation of rapid, practically real-time examination or discursive velocity to aid them with moving ahead of their very own rivals and bestowing better service to their very own...

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