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Unit 263 24.08.2019
 Unit 263 Essay

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Conditions and/or disabilities may include factors relating to circumstances such as Sensory loss. Physical health, Mental health, Emotional health can also be three factors that could have an effect on an individual's ability to negotiate environments, also individuals with a Physical disability and Learning difficulty/disability could also discover this hard. A couple of samples of such conditions would be, an individual who is hard of hearing would still find it hard with their sensory lose to work out new surroundings but as well somebody which has a more physical disability including cerebral palsy would locate this impossible as well as finding also familiar conditions challenging in times. 1 ) 2

Environmental elements that have an effects can be a number of things that range from the weather conditions to a way that is going to be taken on a walk etc . someone who can become unsteady when walking or perhaps not confident would find it hard to walk outside the house when the frosty or perhaps has been raining. An individual with sensory damage such as loss of sight who still find it hard in case their usual course had repair works being done and alternate routes in which in place for individuals to use. 2 . 1

Your part as a support worker is always to mainly motivate and assure service users as well as planning in advance. While out in a new environment or in an environment where the likelihood of danger can be higher to get the service user a support employees role is always to explain and make them aware about certain problems or dangers. Constantly monitoring the environment and the service user is key, whilst giving confidence and assistance play a huge role to make the service user feel assured and at ease. 2 . a couple of

It is not only important to know the environmental factors that have an impact on persons but as well to know the ways in which to overcome and address these barriers. Thus when preparing to look for a walk for example preplanning is needed to enable you to insure the fact that service user is appropriately dressed and has...

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