Sumer 28.08.2019
 Sumer Article

The ancient civilization of Sumer gave the world one of the most useful advances to society. Founded between 5, 500 and 4, 500 B. C., Sumer had a major impact on future cultures. The Sumerian government was powerful. Their particular economy blossomed due to advances in farming. Socially nevertheless, they had the best influence in future societies. The Sumerians introduced to the world the first writing system. " … The most important element of Sumerian traditions, and the one which has had the most lasting effect on the modern world and history, was the innovation from the Sumerian system of writing ” (petoskeyschools. org). Sumer had a strong personal government made up of twelve city-states. Each city-state had an substantial wall built around it for safety. The city-states traded with each other, but as well fought to conquer even more land. Every single city-state was governed by a priest california king who was held responsible for making the laws. Fees were forced to hire scribes. Traders developed extensive trade using Sumer's irrigations systems along area and sea. Also, just about every city-state was set up with identical school systems. The best class included scholars and priests. The farmers made-up the middle course, and lastly, the slaves had been of the most affordable rank. All of these factors contributed to Sumer's solid political authorities. The Sumerian's economy largely consisted of farming and creating food. Every farm got private possession. The Sumerians had various farms and produced an excess amount of food which in turn made it easy for the development of the city-states. This was a major component in the Sumer civilization, as the Sumerians didn't need to move from place to place to gather enough food. Rather, the Sumerians could target more in making artistry and projects to control, which helped increase careers. As control with their lovers increased swiftly, the Sumerians developed the first financial system, using special sea-shells for cash. These are some of the reasons why...

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