Athletics and Perfectionism

 Essay on Sports and Perfectionism

Alberto Reyes

SPS 180

Group 2

Perfectionism and Self-determination in Sports activities

Self-determination theory assumes that individuals fulfilling their psychological needs of competence turn into autonomous encouraged. Autonomous inspiration refers to activities that sportsmen undertake since they both find it interesting and exciting, or internalize them to some extent because that they consider all of them personally essential. In deal, controlled motivation implied motivated behaviors intended for activities that athletes happen to be coerced (persuaded by force) because of sociable psychologically providing pressure reasons. " Controlled determination, as opposed to autonomous motivation, displays low level of self-determined motivation because the athletes behavior is ruled mainly simply by directives rather than one's motivation and decision (Ryan & Deci, 2002)”.

The relationship between Perfectionism and Personality

" Perfectionism reflects the setting of excessively high specifications of overall performance that coincides with disproportionately critical analysis of one's performance”(Frost 1990). Perfectionism can be either maladaptive or perhaps somewhat adaptable. Athletes who couldn't conform to perfectionism(maladaptive), might have problems over faults, doubts regarding actions, socially prescribed conditions, and over-awareness about expected high-level functionality. In contrast, comparatively adaptive perfectionism athletes are motivated to perform under pressure because of goal setting and mental prep. Athletes with high personal standards may put more effort if perhaps they remain motivated, rather than the athletes who have are more worried over mistakes, these are the athletes who are more likely to place less hard work.


In summary, athletes with high personal standard are more inclined to demonstrate better athletic coping behavior and put more hard work in teaching if that they regulate their very own motivated tendencies with mental preparation, and athletes having a tendency being concerned...

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