Situations In a negative way Affecting the continuing future of America

 Situations In a negative way Affecting the continuing future of America Essay

Draw Harris

American Heritage

November sixteen, 2012

Circumstances Negatively Impacting on the Future of America

America, the land of opportunity, has allowed many visitors to become successful and fulfill the " American Wish. ” The liberty that the Us gives to its people allows individuals to become successful, as they desire, without the limits wear how wealthy or influential they may be. Over time many people of the United States took advantage of the freedoms presented for the good, but many for the bad. Following large accomplishment comes, a lot of power in the capacity to influence other folks comes as well. The influence of the strong and self-centered leaders in the usa is constantly increasing, which in turn furthermore negatively affects the ongoing future of this country and puts major on the superb country America used to become rather than the current condition of the nation.

American elites continue to subject more and more due to their large affect on the immediate future of America. Unfortunately, sometimes the power that American elites may hold is used in selfish techniques in order to push a personal agenda that may certainly not be for the good in the people. This is often an opportunity for a person to take advantage of all their influence and our liberty. Sometimes influential leaders get trapped in the moment and can only see how they can better their personal lives in the present time rather than looking at what may profit the majority of the persons in the future. Even though individuals may argue that American elites are very important factors that allow the Us to be a good and strong country, this is only true in some instances. By looking only at that argument from a general perspective, this is fake. Many times large corporation owners or any various other powerful people will use lobbyists to carry out their particular ideas. Lobbyists attempt to effect decisions manufactured by officials inside the government for a profit from wealthy American elites. In the eighties, retired previous...

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