Application of Six Sigma in Software Industry

 Application of Half a dozen Sigma in Software Industry Research Paper


I have been facing this question from the people in software sector that whether Six Sigma is applicable to their industry or perhaps not.

That they ask perhaps the goal of 3. 4 defects per , 000, 000 opportunities can be applied to final software that they are making for his or her Clients. If he or she be permitting 3. some mistakes in a million lines of code that they have developed? Even attaining this goal would NOT lead to getting the client's satisfaction since their code would just refuse to work.

So is definitely Six Sigma really meant for the software sector?

Specifically for the software sector, all of us cannot perspective Six Sigma as only a mathematical target of 3. some defects every million opportunities. There are other views regarding Six Sigma which are equally important. I specify Six Sigma as a administration philosophy or technique to enhance the business processes on the whole.

Basically limit me personally to the definition of " several. 4 defect per mil opportunities" and try to apply it over my final product, however am missing out on the bigger photo. I i am committing similar mistake that the earlier top quality related principles have done and that is to just give attention to the end product.

If I i am applying 6 Sigma into a software firm, I would somewhat ask why a certain problem is springing up in the system. I would be asking on how the software advancement cycle period could be reduced. How can I reduce the number of iterations between the application developer plus the tester? How do i collect the customer's requirements in the most efficient and successful way in order that there is no " reworking"? The " reworking" normally takes place because we certainly have not had the capacity to capture every one of the requirements from the customers at the beginning time.

When I apply Half a dozen Sigma into a software organization, my target is on the reduction from the cycle time or the time or the expense which adopts the entire organization process of making the software. This procedure starts from the...

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