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Summary: The Constitution of Bangladesh supplies clear connaissance for making pro-people advancement strategies and goals. Bangladesh's Constitutional rules are seated in a framework aimed at elevating the quality of existence through a well balanced and fair growth. To fulfil the essential commitment, in recent times, Bangladesh is definitely undertaking many planned ways of eradicate low income and severe poverty from your country. To get lifting poor section of the society up, Bangladesh is actually enlarging the social security strategies that could impact on lower income reduction by using a series of indirect and direct channels. Bangladesh has placed reasonable foundations for creating a comprehensive social protection strategy and provides set a vision to eradicate extreme poverty in the country simply by 2021. Bangladesh, home into a huge human population of 14. 23 crore (BBS, 2010), cannot break free the fact of severity of poverty. Low income alleviation provides, therefore , been high on it is development goal as is confirmed in all plan documents. Low income is the single most important socio-economic policy problem for Bangladesh. Bangladesh has been struggling for some time to reduce the incidence of poverty and also to improve the living standards of its a lot of impoverished citizens. In recent years, Bangladesh has made significant progress in reducing poverty. This fall of low income in Bangladesh is by and enormous attributable to the relentless diamond in poverty reduction surgery. The Government features laid exceptional emphasis on poverty alleviation and has agreed to eradicate poverty through planned economic development. The modern day Government aims at reducing lower income rate in 22 and 15 by simply 2015 and 2021 respectively. Besides this, the Government is determined to build environmentally friendly social safety net for hard core poor. Poverty Lowering: Recent Achievements For lower income and intense poverty reduction, in recent years, Bangladesh is being labeled globally while ‘the area of difficult attainments'. The country has already achieved the goals meant for a hunger and poverty-free world under the Millennium Development Desired goals (MDGs). The success in poverty reduction has been well-acclaimed by the worldwide community. If the grand alliance Government had taken office in 2009, around 5 crore (50 million) people of the country had been poor, of which 2 crore 88 lakh (28. eight million) had been in the clutch of maximum poverty. During the previous term of present government, nevertheless population growth rate was 1 . 18 percent by using an average, the amount of poor and extreme poor came down to around 3 crore 85 lakh (38. 05 million) and 1 crore 57 lakh (15. '07 million) correspondingly (Source: Ministry of Finance). Many of the extreme poor possess crossed lower income line over the last 22 years. It is also worth mentioning that 45 percent of those intense poor had been pulled out of poverty within the past 5 years.

Figure1: Headcount Poverty Tendencies in Bangladesh, Source: HIESs of Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics Goal Assumptions Concerning Poverty Reduction

The Government has set the prospective to bring straight down poverty to 13. 5% by 2021. In the time of proposing budget for the current fiscal year (FY 2014-2015), scrutinizing the improvement rate, they may have drawn a great assumption that poverty will probably be reduced to 10. 2 percent by 2021. That they further believe, extreme low income will be fully eliminated out of this country by simply 2018. To achieve the target this proposal contains various programmes worth Tk. 1, 500 crore to eradicate extreme poverty. Sociable Safety Net Programs and Lower income Reduction The past few years have seen a perceptible increase in interest in social safety netting within expanding countries which include Bangladesh. Traditionally, public back-up...

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