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The ten main characters of the motion picture all was required to contend with various kinds of conflicts, a lot of such as Waverly's Mother were required to endure a type of social conflict from the very first wife and other concubines, the unjust discrimination of the partner's family, when other characters such as Mei-mei had to go through a life of living under the shadow of Waverly. But all the characters in spite of having various kinds of conflicts whether it is elemental, physical or psychological, all had to endure a single glaringly similar psychological issue - Each woman was required to contend with their own weaker selves, before being able to confront their respective problems, be it a great abusive husband or an overbearing mom, each leading part had to initially find their particular self-worth, self-confidence and do it yourself respect. After finding their particular value they managed to face their individual problems, while not always in a prosperous manner, including one of the moms who had a great abusive partner of which she were required to drown her child, nevertheless they managed to get beyond daylight hours tragedy and in many cases became a key component in helping the other heroes (daughters) in locating their self-pride. In other instances such as Mei-mei's case, your woman did not understand her well worth in her mother's eye until she understood the tragedy that happened. Simply because Waverly was always better she lowered herself, nevertheless upon learning the great sacrifice made by her mother, and all the hope given to her by her mother, your woman finally realized her true value. The plot with the story is simply the tests that women withstand in order to become happy or happy. The plot concentrates on empowering women most importantly minorities, further sub-divided in to two groups, the mothers who eventually surpassed the suppression of Chinese lifestyle, and the children who led lives as the children of immigrants and had experience the lifestyle of an mature American feminine, including relationship woes and parental contact. It is the account of eight women, 4 of who are the mothers not only destined by being Chinese immigrants yet also certain by the struggles they had to endure in their homeland. A single was a mother who had to escape the cruelty of an organized marriage, who used irrational belief to gain her freedom. One other was a battered wife who to go through the philandering and beatings of her husband just before killing her own kid. While an additional suffers from the lifestyle of her concubine mother and struggling with back on the hated step-family. While the mom of the key protagonist, suffered with the shock of leaving behind her mixed twins in the conflict due to her sickness nevertheless somehow living through the ordeal. It is through the main protagonist's eye that people learn of the stories of each protagonist in her own sub-story, thus through a series of flashbacks we chip apart at the people of each female. The children plight was quite different, since each child was raised in America, a land of different cultures. Lena was required to contend with her husband's infidelity, but through civility she managed to repair her relationship. But Increased the daughter of the mother who had to kill her baby had to muddle by using a one sided relationship, while not physically violent, an emotionally draining one particular. Getting her strength via her single mother's ill experience she managed to free herself from that farce and manage to find happiness with another man. Waverly continuously waging war against her mother to get control over her life, from being a mentally stimulating games prodigy to chump, and what type of person to marry, Waverly finally understands her mother's sternness as appreciate after finally expressing their emotions towards each other, which will result in their developing a tighter romance. Finally Mei-mei whose regularly had to live up to the standards established by Waverly, until finally learning that her Mother had kept her sisters during the war, and all of their hopes and dreams had been instantly utilized in her. All of the character's a new very reasonable approach concerning...

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