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 Caribbean Ia Essay

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Introduction And Purpose Of Analysis

Problem Statement

What are the social factors which influence teenagers to consume alcohol in Cedar Mountain Village. Background To Problem

It is quite obvious that Trinidad is a contemporary society that appreciates and motivates the consumption of alcohol. During carnival time, almost all songs that are composed and sung are mainly about alcohol. An example of this kind of song is A Drinker, being sung by Ravi B which in turn placed initially in the 2010 Chutney Soca Monarch. The actions of the doj and functions that are designed in the nation's night clubs, such as Space, are not a success in the event the party organisers do not include the free drinks special. (Remy, 1985), in a local survey, reported that 91. 9% of teenagers who attend secondary colleges have applied alcohol eventually in their lives. He likewise stated that other studies have verified that young adults in Trinidad And Tobago appear to have got higher rates of alcoholic beverages use when compared to other Caribbean countries and America. Alcoholic beverages is by far the best and mistreated drug amongst teenagers. Young adults are within a period of physical, intellectual and emotional growth and alcohol consumption can offer an adverse effect on their body. The dangers connected with teenage alcoholism are fatality, health problems, behavior disorders, and legal effects. Accidents just like car crashes, drowning, burns, execution and often unintentional injuries because of violent habit have been noticed to lead to deaths and suicides (Bailey J, 2000). In the Carribbean, alcohol consumption and production has become an integral part of the west since the amount of slavery. The Amerindians and Africans used alcohol to ease their discomfort of enslavement. The slaves also received rum and also other forms of liquor as an incentive to perform particularly difficult and unpleasant jobs for the Europeans.

This analysis seeks to spot and encourage the understanding of the sociable factors which in turn causes teenage addiction to alcohol. It is of utmost importance that individuals are aware of these elements so that they will not become subjects of addiction to alcohol. I hope which the findings using this study could greatly support educators, teachers and parents in taking the required steps to instruct their children from the dangers of alcohol abuse and to prevent them via consuming the substance. Glossary

Machismo: a strong sense of masculine satisfaction: an overstated masculinity. CARICOM: Caribbean Community and Common Market.

Literary works Review

Addiction to alcohol statistics show that people who start using alcohol prior to the age of fifteen are four times more likely to manifest severe alcohol unwanted side effects such as liquor dependency sooner or later in their lives, compared to people who start ingesting at the legal age of 21 years old. The dangers linked to teenage dependency on alcohol are loss of life, health problems, habit disorders, and legal implications (Bailey J, 2000). Several social factors are thought to be linked to teenage dependency on alcohol. These include parents' lifestyles and drinking...

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