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Biology Unit 2

Research Statement (20%)

Scope of task

Students will probably be required to complete a Research Record in the form of a PowerPoint demonstration OR a web site. This Task will demand students to conduct individual research on the topic relating to genetic architectural. The Record will be the equivalent of 1500 words* and will include a bibliography. The bibliography will not be included in the word count. Students are generally not required to carry out a class business presentation.

*1500 words is a maximum advised length with this Report. The quantity of slides within a Powerpoint business presentation or webpage will be dependant upon the creative imagination of the college student and the range of images they would like to include. The study Report is worth 20% from the final scholar mark.

Students can choose from this list:

Research area

Suggested Topics

Pre-natal diagnosis of genetic disease. 5.

Cystic fibrosis, haemophilia, thalassaemia.

Pre-symptomatic associated with adult-onset innate disease.

Huntington's Disease, breast cancer, bowel cancer.

Production of human protein.

Insulin, Human Growth Hormone.

Genetically-modified harvest plants.

Soya, Tomato vegetables, Golden Rice, BT Organic cotton.

Gene therapy.

Cystic fibrosis, Severe Combined Immune Deficit Syndrome.

DNA profiling.

For paternity testing, for breeding of captive endangered kinds, in forensics.

Genetically modified microorganisms.


Hypoallergenic cats, Environment TM – pigs, AguAdvantageTM Atlantic trout Stem Cell Research.

Type one particular diabetes, Nervous system conditions, Cancer, Principal immunodeficiency disease Cloning.

Therapeutic cloning (type one particular

diabetes), Reproductive cloning (e. g. Production of Dolly the sheep simply by nuclear transfer).

*NB: virtually any student who also chose pre-natal diagnosis for research matter for Biology Unit 1 should not be authorized to choose this topic just for this Unit.

The report will certainly:

bring in the scope of the subject

illustrate the method employed in the technology by the scientists in the lab include relevant diagrams

discuss a social concern arising from the technology include a bibliography of references employed.

This research project has to be structured beneath the following headings: Introduction

Qualifications Genetics

Hereditary techniques

Social issues


How Job is Acknowledged

Activity is first introduced as early as possible during Week One particular and college students are given a deadline (as stated in the teaching plan) to get the matter approved by the Teacher.

Stick to these steps:

Initially, select a theme of interest that falls under one of the study areas succumbed the table above. In that case, proceed to execute a literature / library research in that theme and acquire research content articles related to that topic. Make sure your articles have necessary data to write the introduction, background or backdrop, method and social issues as referred to in the rubric. Confirmation with the topic can be on a first come – first served basis whereby the teacher will accept the topic after the students qualify above. Every single student could have his/her individual topic; zero two college students are allowed to write the same theme from that class. Once your topic qualifies by the Educator, make sure you signup your theme with your Tutor. You are then presented 4 weeks to transmit your slides – consider the deadline given in the teaching program. You are encouraged to submit drafts of your function. For a guideline, refer to the samples of previous research studies. Always refer to the examination rubric mounted on ensure that you are recorded the right monitor.

The Knowledge, Skills and Manners outcomes accomplished at the end of the task will be dependent on the subject chosen. Listed here are some of the outcomes you should obtain.

Unit Expertise Outcomes

At the end of this Device students will be able to:

1 . record on a particular area of interest inside the field of genetic anatomist 2 . apply their knowledge to fresh situations

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