Project 2014 15

Assignment 2014 15 24.08.2019
 Assignment 2014 15 Composition


Aims and Objectives

This kind of assignment should enable pupils to research the relationship among people, building and environment. The objectives will be: To explain the users' demands and requirements in a building and its built environment; To spot and describe the conditions of the elements, constructions, components and accessories, and To enable pupils to improve synthetic and conversation skills.

Internet site Reconnaissance

Students are requested to create 5 little groups to complete a web page reconnaissance record for a building or an estate in Hong Kong. The internet site works consist of

a. Execute a user satisfaction survey. The survey may cover (60 marks): Vehicular and pedestrian circulation design and conditions, barrier totally free access

Safety and security protections.

Weather protection and features (any problem with moisture, temperature and thermal ease and comfort; provisions of covered walkways and canopies etc). Noises control

Fireplace protection devices and procedures,

Structural form

All-natural and manufactured lighting

All-natural ventilation and building alignment

Green features

Appearance, Completes

Different items you may want to address for your living environment.

b. In the target building or house, each group is required (40 marks): to distinguish three building elements just like window, door, stair and roof etc . and examine whether the design and existing conditions can fulfil all their intended practical requirements; and also to identify or recommend with two environmental friendly models


Each group is needed to conduct a presentation to demonstrate their learning in this job. It is anticipated to last for approximately 20 minutes and there will be 5 minutes query and answer time. This article of the presentation must be appropriate, concise and related to regional practices.


Every single group is necessary to submit a group report pertaining to the project and each college student has to post a learning portfolio with all the group record. The learning...

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