What you should know about ACT essay prompts 2016

One thing that distinguishes ACT test from all other exams is that you can never know what you are going to write about for sure. You can only get prepared by working on the most popular and common ACT essay prompts 2016 in order to just have an idea what the test will look like. This kind of approach can be explained by the fact that the committee wants all the candidates to be in equal conditions when none of them could know the question he was going to cover in the essay. Whether it helps them achieve their goal of fairness or not, we only have to accept the fact that there is no way one can be sure about the task on the defining day. So basically, you have two options. Either you practice writing and answering all possible ACT essay questions or you rely upon your intuition and pick one or a couple of prompts from the list and do not make such a big deal of it. Whatever your decision is, be sure that we are here to help you no matter what. In this article, you will find ACT essay questions from the last year, as well as tips and guidelines that will make it easier for you to come up with a good essay. Also, keep in mind that you can always ask for additional assistance of our professional writers, who are available any time and ready to provide you with a friendly advice and all the needed support.

The idea of the ATC test

Before you step up to any writing or researching any of the assigned prompts, it is crucial that you fully understand the actual purpose of this test and what really stands behind it. First of all, keep in mind that you will only be asked about a very narrow category of ideas. You will not have to cover any broad issue so being able to speak in a specific manner is very important. This is a test for students of high schools which is considered to be a planning and based on educational background tool to prove that they match particular standards and expectations of studying in a college. This is an inevitable step that every student who wants to get a higher educational degree has to go through. It is standardized which makes it fair for everyone. While this is a frightening and challenging experience, if you do some preparations and get acquainted with the common ACT essay prompts 2016, chances are that you will succeed and achieve the desired result. So here are some tips as for the start:

  • Begin getting ready as soon as possible. You need to have enough of time to practice your writing skills and come up with potential answers to all the possible questions you may be asked.
  • Be ready to work hard. Don't take this test too lightly. Although you also have to keep calm, being serious about it is important, because it really matters for your further education.
  • Use help. Don't be alone in this struggle. We are here to help you and make it easier at every stage of your preparation. You just have to contact us and we will instantly provide you with all the needed support and guide you through the whole preparation process.

Check out sample ACT essay prompts 2016

Although ACT essay questions may be changed from one year to another, the main idea will most likely remain the same. So if you get ready on the basis of the prompts that were announced last year, it is going to be enough to at least have an understanding of what to expect. Take a look at the prompts and evaluate their level of complexity according to your writing skills and knowledgeability.

  • Intelligent machines. This prompt foresees discussion of contemporary tendencies of replacing human physical work with automated tools, devices and all kinds of machines capable of carrying out productive activity. This concerns robots and other technological innovations that are both a sign of progress and a controversial issue rising a question about employment of people around the world in the future.
  • Public health and the freedom of an individual. Although these two issues may not have much in common at first sight, your task is to figure out how the desire of a person to gain personal freedom can relate to the public health and what kinds of social conflicts may occur as an outcome of coexistence of these two matters.
  • Globalization. This is such a broadly discussed issue that you should have already heard about it a lot. This question concerns the core of globalization as such and its impact on the policy, economics, cultural expansions, international relations and relations between people in particular. It also has to do with the speed of contemporary life, change in perceiving distances and time, change of moral values and ethic norms and so on.
  • Access to information. This prompt has something in common with all the previous. Due to globalization and technological progress, with the appearance of the Internet information has become more accessible than ever. Everybody has an opportunity to get data on almost any matter. You task is to come up with your personal opinion whether it is good or not and discuss it.
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  • Newness. With the development of means of transmitting information, such factor as newness becomes more and more important. Things that happened yesterday are no more news today and all media are competing in order to be the first in providing that or another information. This makes people overwhelmed with information, but is also good because it gives an opportunity to respond to any even instantly and without delay.
  • Job and career changes. In the past, once you got a job you just keep doing it to the rest of your life. But today, people tend to change their job and switch careers in pursue of a better place of self realization or a better financial opportunity. An average person in America can change a job up to ten or fifteen times in a lifetime, which seemed to be nearly impossible in the previous centuries.

How to build your answer effectively

Now that you saw the list of common ACT essay prompts 2016, you may have noticed that all of them are in that or another way connected to each other and relate to the current changes occurring in the world due do the technological progress, first of all. This phenomenon is the core that gives the direction of all the changes that we witness today. And even though all the prompts cover different matters, the primary question is whether you justify or not the quality of the change that is going in nowadays society around the globe. You can either support the progress or be against it. However, if you honestly haven't come up with what you personally think about it, you can collect arguments supporting all the perspectives and points of view and provide them independently from each other. To help you figure out what to answer and how to come up with a profound vision of the problem, we prepared the following guidelines:

  • Start with the general view at the situation. Do you like or dislike the transformations happening in the world? Do you feel that in the past, something was better and if yes, what was it?
  • Find your own perspective. Every question can be discussed from different points of view. Although you can provide all, it is better to stuck to one of them. The basic ideas are that the progress is either beneficial for the mankind or not. Considering this, you can continue discussing the problem in the chosen direction.
  • Provide supporting arguments. Each idea provided in your essay has to be supported with profound argumentation. Whatever thoughts you have in regard to the problem, make sure it has a strong argument, such as an example, scientific fact, quote or anything else that can serve as a proof of you own point.
  • Use information wisely and don't use facts chaotically. Although all the prompts are expected to be controversial, you have to stuck to a certain idea and avoid switching thoughts. Every sentence has to be connected to the previous one and every paragraph needs to relate to the above provided paragraph and lead to the next one. Logic and coherence are highly important, remember that.
  • Be clear and confident. You need to demonstrate that you can process information and express your opinion not only as an adult, but as someone who has a deep understanding of significant tendencies going on in the world.
  • Be courageous. If you find that your point of view is different from the others', have a courage to speak it up anyway. The ability to think differently and not being afraid of saying it out loud is valued a lot nowadays.

Use professional help

Your ACT score will tell college admission officers a lot about you. So you need to use every available possibility in order to increase your chances of getting a remarkable and outstanding essay written. Don't hesitate to contact us right away and begin to get ready as soon as possible. Our writers have tons of related experience and are experts in this area, so their help will make a big difference in the results you will get.

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